Explore the possibilities of the interactive label

From product information to complaint management- With over 40 block assets and more than 100 possibilities, the Interactive Label offers unparalleled flexibility and control when it comes to showcasing your products.

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Our Modules

Have a glance into the different modules of our interactive label and how these different modules can help brands

Informational Module

Explain your product and brand through one simple scan of a QR code. All the information is in the palm of your customers. That’s why we’ve created the Authenticity Label.

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Authenticity Module

Ensuring the authenticity of your products is essential for building trust and loyalty with your customers. That’s why we’ve created the
Authenticity Label.

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Sustainability Module

With the Sustainability Label feature in the Interactive Label, you can showcase your brand’s commitment to sustainability and connect with customers who share your values.

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Support Module

Collect, organize and immediately respond to customer complaints and feedback in one centralized location. Nothing says “We value you” more than an immediate solution to your customers issues.

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Review Module

Stop searching for reviews all over the internet. With the Review module, you can easily collect actionable feedback from reviews, that you can immediately use in marketing and to improve your products.

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Virtual Try-On Module

Show, don’t tell. Your customer scans the QR code, opens the Interactive label and try on the product using camera.

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Customise your interactive label

Other than the pre-designed templates than we provide, have a look into how your brand can create your own interactive label tailored to you needs

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