Informational module Showcase your Brand, explain your products

You can choose what information you want to display to your customers, from basic product details to user-generated content and quiz. Our customizable platform lets you create a truly unique and A personalized experience that’s sure to leave a lasting impression on your customers.

Empower your customer to make informed decision

The decision process should be as frictionless as possible. Make it super easy for your customers to understand if your product is the right option for them, offer them alternatives, educate them.

Features of the informational module
Single Product interactive label

A label designed to represent a single products and handle all product related interactions with your customers. Choose between using our pre-designed product page or building a custom one from scratch to showcase your products exactly how you want.

  • Product related information
  • Expiry date determination
  • Skintype compatibility
  • Lifestyle-related labels
  • Certification
  • Product benefits
  • Recommended product
Brands’ interactive label

A label designed to represent your brand in general and handle all brand-related interactions with your customers. You can decide whether to go with our pre-established Brand page or create one to present your company and brand precisely as per your requirements.

  • Brand banner featuring official web
  • Brand slogan
  • Informational blocks for marketing purposes
  • Images and videos for marketing
  • Product Library organized in categories
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