Authenticity module Build trust with your customers, protect your brand value

Ensuring the authenticity of your products is essential for building trust and loyalty with your customers. That’s why we’ve created the Authenticity Label.

Protect your brand value

Our Authenticity module allows you to include a unique QR code on your products, which your customers can scan to confirm the authenticity of the item. With our customizable platform, you can even include additional information about the manufacturing and production of your products to further reinforce your commitment to quality.

Features of the authenticity module
One screen, endless information

For Brands willing to support authenticity check to their products, our pre-designed template for the authenticity-related interactive label is here you.

  • Brand banner featuring brand’s official website
  • Product-related information
  • Expiry date of the product and its authenticity
  • Reasons to why the product is not authentic if so
  • Lux chat support
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